Traditional BANSKO Specialty Vlanel

Пилешко мариновано бон филе, обвито в свинско було, подправено с традиционни български подправки и поръсено с червена паприка. Рецептата е вдъхновена от Бански майстор готвач.

The technology of shock freezing (-40 degrees) allows optimal preservation of the tenderness and taste qualities of chicken meat.

  • Package

  • Net Weight

    ~0.300-0.330 KG
  • Shelf Life

    365 DAYS



Net Weight

~0.300-0.330 KG

Shelf Life

365 DAYS

Box weight ~ 11 KG

Pallet boxes 54


Useful information

Method of preparation

It can be prepared on the grill, oven, pan, even in the AIR FRYER.

Defrosting instructions

Remove the product packaging! Put the desired amount in a plate or bowl and cover with cling film to prevent the meat from drying out! Put it in the fridge and in 24 hours it will be ready to use!  


To be stored at -18 degrees! Do not refreeze after thawing! 

Energy value for 100 gr. of product

Calories 498kJ/119kcal
Fats 7,7gr
-of which saturated 3,7gr
Proteins 11,2gr
Carbohydrates 1,4gr
-from which sugars 0.7 gr
Salt 1,3gr
Raw Variant
Cooked Option

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