Wings BBQ IQF Vlanel

Barbecue wings can be prepared according to any taste, they are a blend of spices collected in one product and according to their preparation method, you can achieve a different result according to your preferences - juicy fried or healthy crispy without fat. The perfect choice for any occasion with friends.

The technology of shock freezing (-40 degrees) allows optimal preservation of the tenderness and taste qualities of chicken meat.


  • Package

  • Net Weight

    ~0.800 KG
  • Shelf Life

    365 DAYS



Net Weight

~0.800 KG

Shelf Life

365 DAYS

Box weight ~5 KG

Pallet boxes 100


Useful information

Method of preparation

It can be prepared in a deep fryer, grill, oven, pan, even in an AIR FRYER.

Defrosting instructions

Cook from frozen!


To be stored at -18 degrees! Do not refreeze after thawing!

Energy value for 100 gr. of product

Calories 624kJ/149,6kcal
Fats 8,9gr
-of which saturated 2,2gr
Proteins 15,9gr
Carbohydrates 1,4gr
-from which sugars 1,0gr
Salt 1,1gr
Raw Variant
Cooked Option

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