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    30+ years experience
    80+ employees

    Tradition and trademark for high-quality chicken products with superb taste

    "Vlanel" EOOD was established in 1992. with the subject of activity food trade goods. In 1999, the company started the production of chicken meat cuts.


    Traditional taste

    We mainly work with Bulgarian chicken, whose anatomical parts are flavored with traditional Bulgarian herbs and spices, developed over the years especially for us.


    Quality guarantee

    The primary commitment and policy of the company is the creation and upgrading of Good Manufacturing Practices for hygiene and food safety, as well as a system for monitoring and risk assessment. Since 2016, VLANEL OOD has been the recipient of one of the highest food quality and safety standards - BRC. More about the standard and its requirements you can read HERE.

    trade mark


    VLANEL OOD owns a trademark for the meat processing activity carried out and patent on its graphic sign, logo.


    Tradition and trademark since 1992.

    "VLANEL" LTD was founded by Vladimir Nedev in 1992. with the subject of activity food trade. In the year of 1999, the fast developing trading company, starts production of chicken meat cuts in a small factory in the town of Radomir. These are the first steps on the way of developing the big chicken processing plant project.


    Investments in automation of production activities and construction of photovoltaics for the needs of "VLANEL" Ltd.

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    Vlanel LTD has long-standing partnerships with commercial companies in the country.

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